[literary work]

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       fools mag
       mirror mag*

[design work]

[2021, for class]

[2022, for class]

archival poetry project      |       illustrator, photoshop       |       2021

constructed out of archival queer documents, manipulated and collaged to create two pieces.

first piece: all illustration archival manipulations, including imaged text. poetry original.

second piece: reconstructed out of a questionnaire sourced from RFD, a reader-written iowan magazine focusing on queer issues, art, and interests

astralbodied neocity      |      html+css, illustrator       |       2022

website constructed as part of final / senior project. web 1.0 discursive space surrounding solange’s when i get home and cauleen smith’s sojourner, including conversational dialog and original net-essays. view full website here.

collaboration with jenelle stafford.
[film work]

[2021, for class]

[2021, for class]

[2020, for class]

[2019, for class]

final frame   |   adobe premiere   |   2021
an examination of woman’s trauma through horror film; reconceptualizing the final girl as a mode of strength and power

video essay made by stitching together various films mixed with footage shot on fujifilm x-t30

excavation    |   adobe premiere   |   2021an exploration of lesbian aesthetics and phenomenology, the experience of seeing and being seen. consent in the internet age. pornography as its own methodology.

video essay made by stitching together various films

leftovers   |   adobe premiere   |   2020
“quarantine” project, cataloguing the various modes of freedom and expression, finding space for mothers and daughters over time

archival photography courtesy of rebecca banerjee, shot on 60D canon

   |   adobe premiere   |   2019eflections on disordered thinking, hyper-fixation, and creation

archival footage and photography courtesy of prelinger archive mixed with footage shot on 60D canon, music by tiger torres